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Ski Extras

Skiing is a sport famous for the pure adrenaline rush that comes after finishing a lap. Ski extras probably are the most underrated in this glamorous sport that is admired and enjoyed by everybody. Be it on a family vacation or a pleasure trip to snow covered slopes, safe skiing is as important as ski equipments and other accessories.

Let us tell you about the 5 broad sections that cover ski extras. Let us tell you about them briefly.

SKI SAFETY - A sport such as skiing has high chances of injury unless you are protected. Ski safety includes protection from forces of nature such as avalanche. Avalanche safety kits and protection equipment like helmets cover the most vital parts of your body. Wrist guards cover the second most important thing on skis at 40 to 60 miles per hour. The wrists control the movement of the poles and give control. Even the most seasoned skier will not disagree that safety comes first

SKI EQUIPMENT – Good ski equipments can make or sometimes break the mood of the cherished family trip in slopes. Not all ski equipments are good but the emphasis is on the most useful ones that one should have. Skis, gloves, clothing and first aid bags are very essential. Good skis make that small difference of whether or not someone would be able to negotiate that turn or that steep slope. Ski resorts are built with safety but snow cannot be controlled. The only things that can let you have your share of control are good skiing equipments. Clothing can help you move freely and protect you from that freezing cold. Snow has its rough side too. Check out latest ski equipment now

SKI ENHANCERS – Finely tuned skis and waxes may enhance performance like a professional. Pro skiers know that one has to know the sport in and out and then get the definitive edge. Snow shoes and proper driers for gloves go a long way in making the experience as comfortable as possible. Good skiing is more about comfort just like any other sport

SKI RESORTS – You can be a couple or a family or a professional skier, good ski resorts make it easy for you. Easy slopes and good rates will never let you feel that you are on vacation. Across USA, Canada and Europe, there are good ski resorts for enthusiasts. See the unheralded beauty of pristine ‘never-seen’ ski villages that lie secluded from the normal hullabaloo in the ski resorts sprinkled anywhere else

  SKI INSURANCE - A good policy will cover skiing mishaps and give you the peace of mind that you need. Policies are available for a single person and even for big family with 4 children. The ski insurance rates are low and cover all sorts of damages that just might happen. One can choose from general travel insurance and comprehensive travel insurance. They usually differ in high coverage including lift passes and own/hired equipment. Get cover now

Our service and commitment to providing you the best ski extras comes from the fact – that between ourselves we enjoy skiing as much as you do. We understand better than anybody else, that skiing is valuable and enjoyable by just about everybody. With the right set of precautions and attitude, there is a skier in everybody.

For the best deals and skiing experience, choose us. Ski extras from us have something…extra.
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