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LocationHumberside Airport is situated in the quaint town called North Lincolnshire of England. The airport occupies almost a central position and is located 10 miles west of Grimsby (30 minutes away) and 15 miles south of Kingston. The A18 is near to the airport. The airport is in the same league of other international airports in United Kingdom and is owned by the Manchester Airport Group. The location of the airport suits passenger as well as charter flights to many tourist destinations like Athens, Bangkok and locales in South America.

Know your Airport - The Humberside airport was previously known as the Kirmingston airport. After the local area of the previous airport was renamed to Humberside, the airport naturally underwent a change of name and started handling larger traffic & cargo with a runway length of 5098 ft. The airport is a major operating base or a heliport for operations related to North Sea gas platforms. Even after facing stiff competition from the neighboring Nottingham East Midlands Airport, the previously Royal Air Force Base now turned airport has fared very well in terms of service and has served passengers well.

Airport Structure

  Terminals – All airlines operate from the Main terminal of Humberside airport. International arrivals are located on the left hand side of the terminal building and domestic arrivals can be found on the right hand side.

Transit systems
– Till recently there have been no transit systems like subway or railway from inside the main terminal.

Inside the terminals
– Arrivals in the Humberside airport are located in the main terminal. The check-in desks are located inside the main terminal and can be easily located as they are directly in front of the main entrance. For passengers leaving from the airport, the departure lounges are situated towards the left of the terminal building. This will be on the ground floor. Like every other standard international airport, the passengers boarding on international flights will do well to check in 2 hours prior to departure. For others leaving by European flights, the check in is scheduled 2 hours prior to departure. For the ones leaving by domestic flights, the check in is 1 hour prior to departure. Please remember that boarding begins 45 minutes prior to departure. So keep enough time for essential procedures like check in and airport formalities. There is an information desk located in the Main Terminal public area which can offer vital information about flights, transport, lost property or left luggage. Local information can also be had of from this information desk. A dedicated seating area is located midway between the check in area and ticket desks.

Safety - Security measures have meant that luggage allowance has been the first thing which has been put under the scanner. Your airline or tour operator can give you exact details about the amount of luggage you can take free of charge. With less amount of luggage, security screenings take much less time and are easy. Electrical items if any in your luggage should be preferably packed inside your hand bag so that you will need to unpack and repack after security check. Sharp items like scissors, razor blades, knives with blades, household cutlery, tweezers and even hypodermic needles unless prescribed by medical causes will not be allowed. Tools, replica guns be them in metal or plastic, catapults, harmless knitting needles, sporting bats even sport accessories for billiard, snooker or pool will be treated as contraband inside the airport and specially during the security checks. Please note that instruments containing mercury, magnets and radioactive materials are to be strictly avoided during boarding. For a complete set of things not prohibited by the airport authorities, please refer to airport certified information. With new security measures in place, there will be police base at Humberside. The proposed base will empower police helicopters to access the surrounding area of Humberside.

Business facilities
– An executive lounge operated by Servisair can be found next to the departure lounges. This Humberside airport lounge offers passengers television access, bar, telephone and fax facilities. There is also a conference suite called the Kirmington Suite, which is available for hire

Family interests
– A trip to England definitely includes shopping for the family back home and bringing back gifts for the ones you care. There are ample shopping options before security in Humberside airport where you can various books, magazines and confectionery. There is a Travelvalue store that sells tax and duty free goods after security. For children's facilities, you can use the Airtours play area located inside the main terminal. Please accompany children as the area is unsupervised. There are baby changing facilities throughout the airport beside the international arrivals, beside children's play area and information desk at the entrance area. Food & drink facilities are located in the Food Village serving a range of snacks and drinks (both hot & cold). The departure lounge has some facilities for snacks. Please remember that nappy dispensers are available in all areas which can be accessed by passengers in the airport.                  Humberside Airport Lounges

  Extra information - Humberside Airport ensures that disabled / differently abled passengers are able to commute as comfortably as possible. The facilities for them include wheelchairs available on request, wheelchair ramps, low-level telephones especially for wheelchair users and toilet facilities. During emergency, there is also a provision for Ambulift for assistance with boarding and alighting from the aircraft.

Leaving from Humberside airport – If you plan to leave Humberside airport by train, you will have to catch it from the nearest station to the airport that is the Barnetby station. The station is located at a distance of three miles. From there you can easily get trains to Doncaster, London King's Cross, Newcastle, Birmingham and Edinburgh stations. You can get coaches to nearby areas like Grimsby, Hull and Scunthorpe. Stagecoach service operates frequent bus services between Hull and Grimsby. Taxis at the airport can be caught from the taxi rank located right in front of the terminal building. You can also ask for a desk at the taxi desk inside the airport terminal.

- Essentials like currency exchange can be had of the bureau de change operated by Travelex in the main concourse of the airport. Car hire services can be availed from the car hire desks in the terminal building of the airport. The information desk located in the main terminal concourse of the airport can provide you additional information. The Humberside airport has the facility of pre-recorded messages for usual information that might be required by passengers, are available from the Airport's Index Telephone System.

Airlines operating from Humberside Airport

  Eastern Airways, KLM, Ryanair and Excel Airways operate passenger flights from Humberside. A number of charter airlines, including Excel Airways have started operating flights from Humberside to summer destinations like Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy and Tunisia.

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