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Coventry airport hotels - Coventry is a small yet complete airport which caters to large number of travelers coming to this part of the United Kingdom. Being named after the 2nd largest city in English Midlands, the airport has gradually enjoyed an increasing number of passengers every passing year from 2004. Coventry airport hotels showcased here have been built by the famous Marriott group but the popular Allesley as well as Coventry Hill hotels have served several high-profile as well as passengers like you. The 8/15 day accommodation is a super-saver package for those looking for safe overnight accommodation before flying out of town.

Why airport hotels - Tension, stress and inescapable hurry are things that can never make a journey worthwhile. Traveling entails every bit of the three words mentioned above. Timely arrival to the airport and a good night’s sleep add up to an even more enjoyable flight whether for business or vacation. Coventry airport hotels combine all these in a package that can cater to various needs. An airport hotel can also serve as a wonderful place to put up for the night as you are never too far off from the airport and the time needed for transport is significantly reduced.

About airport hotels - The word ‘airport’ usually fills our mind with the hustle and bustle of catching flights and terminals crowded with people. Airport hotels at Coventry seek to provide a different atmosphere where there is no anxiety or stress. They provide a shelter for the weary soul and body. When the travel arrangements are taken care of everything else just falls into place. So whether you come late at night or intend to leave early the next morning, the hotel rooms serve as little coves where you can get your share of privacy and unwind without any external disturbances.

Facilities at hotels - Airport hotels offer the same service and relaxation that is considered to be the forte of hotels elsewhere. Coventry airport hotels are not different either. Being located amidst a calm environment and away from the airport bustle, the Coventry airport hotels provide a range of indoor and outdoor facilities to their visitors. Excellent gourmet cuisines at restaurants, bars serving chilled wines and comfortably furnished spacious rooms are some of the facilities that guests will definitely enjoy during their stay. Most of the rooms are large enough to accommodate a family and are ensuite with telephone, bathrooms, refreshment trays and sometimes separate workspace with Internet access. Prompt service with an eye for details leave hardly any room for complaint. The mood blends with the settings of Coventry.

Extras - Please remember that only adult accommodation is charged in family rooms. It is advisable to book family rooms if you are traveling with more than 3 individuals. Transport facilities are not provided in all airport hotels but airport taxis are easily available. A telephone call would be sufficient to plan your departure. Please note that the prices mentioned in the hotels listing page can be for accommodation, dinner, breakfast separately, or, for all three combined together in a combo pack.

Why these hotels - The airport hotels at Coventry have a warmth and service quality that can be matched with the best of hotels. Catering to the needs of travelers looking for a brief accommodation or long vacation, in this part of England or anywhere else, requires commitment. The room service, reception, the rooms and the hotel facilities are all custom-built to serve you the best. Weary flights and jet lag can be significantly compensated while enjoying the outdoor activities offered in many of these hotels. The rooms are well ventilated and offer adequate value-for-money. Transport to and from the Coventry airport being fast and easy, catching flights is less of a hassle.

Requirements - Full details of all hotels at Coventry airport can be seen on the next page by using this airport hotel finder. Please enter the date of stay and specify the preferred accommodation type - we will give you the best ones as per their availability and your convenience.

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