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Location - Blackpool airport is one of the trusted small airports in the North-West of England. If you are coming by road, you can locate it easily by coming to the end of the M55 motorway and connecting with M6. Blackpool airport is named after the seaside town at this part of England and is situated just a few minutes away from the town centre. The town itself is a treasure trove of outstanding locales sure to overwhelm the avid sightseer with its beauty. Blackpool airport serves Lancashire as well.

Know your Airport - Blackpool airport is owned by City Hopper Airports Limited, the operators of Wolverhampton Airport. After the £2 million Blackpool airport terminal was built in 1995, the airport has taken off in aviation news. The airport is suitable for both scheduled as well as chartered holiday flights in the summer season. In addition to these, the Blackpool airport also caters to the helicopter operations of Northwest England’s offshore gas business. The small airport, home to flying schools in 1909 when it was just opened, has seen a significant rise of passengers over the years. The Blackpool Airport just announced the introduction of a new airline service which will not only offer flights to Belfast and the Isle of Man but also will help scores of individuals to get decent jobs.  

Airport Structure

  Terminals - Blackpool airport is served by a single terminal. The terminal concourse does not allow smoking except in designated areas. The old wooden terminal was renovated in 1995 with a modern, top-notch 2 million pound terminal.

Transit systems
- There is no dedicated transit system in the airport. Since the airport public concourse as well as arrivals & departures are on the same level, there are no escalators, elevators or stairs. This makes Blackpool airport convenient for the disabled travelers. Since the airport area has been built on utilitarian theory, passengers can easily find the right places at the right time without having to walk too far.

Inside the terminals
- A new design has given the Blackpool Airport a modern and upstart look that blends well with its service and image. There are as much as 14 new check-in desks, which serve passengers promptly so that they don’t have to wait long. The extra baggage reclaim facilities offered by the airport allow passengers to pass even more quickly with the same degree of convenience. The Check-in desks are located to the left of the entrance as you go straight ahead into the terminal building. The departure lounge, on the other hand, is situated on to the right side of check-in. Ryanair is a flight operator in the Blackpool airport and the check in time is 2 hours before departure. For other scheduled flights, please check in 11/2 hours prior to departure. If you are availing any holiday and charter flights then please note that you have to check in 3 hours preceding the scheduled departure. For all the flights mentioned here from Blackpool airport, boarding usually begins approximately 45 minutes prior to departure.

Safety - Blackpool airport may be small in size but it has a number of strict security policies to avoid the occurrence of harmful event. Carrying sharp articles like scissors, razors, blades and knives with blades are strictly forbidden. At the same time, household cutlery, tweezers, hypodermic needles not supported by medical requirements and toys or even replica guns are confiscated. Sport accessories like catapults, sporting bats, billiard/snooker/pool cues and darts will bring the same result. Please remember that every passenger should consult its airline policies before packing. The airport has certain rules whereby if items are confiscated at the security control, there is no liability of compensation on anyone and items shall not be returned under normal conditions. Please ensure that flammable liquids and solids, gas cylinders, infectious substances and harmful substances will be treated as contraband if found within your baggage.

Business facilities
- Blackpool airport has wonderful business facilities. An executive lounge can be accessed through the departure lounge of the airport. The amenities that are obtained include computer access points and refreshments. Those who prefer to stay at the departure lounge can also enjoy the environs of the new restaurant and bar. Business and conferencing facilities are also available. Essentially the multiple check-in desks also help you to reach out to the world outside. Business means speed and Blackpool airport honors your time.

Family interests
- Family attractions like shopping, food and entertainment have been opened up in Blackpool so that in between the times you can have the best of times. Shop for perfume, alcohol and cigarettes if you can grab some moments in the duty-free shop in the departure lounge. If food is what you prefer, you can opt for the food bar and buffet that is available on the main public area of the terminal building. Toilets are available all through the public area and are located by the entrance to the terminal building. There are some more available in the departure lounge. These are best suited for differently abled travelers.

  Extra information - Blackpool airport ensures that disabled passengers are able to travel as comfortably as possible. Facilities for disabled passengers include everything on one floor so that usage of stairs becomes redundant. The fear of falling off or tripping on escalators is not there. Wheelchairs are available on request but please make reservations from before. There are low-level shelves on check-in desks. To suit the purposes of the differently abled, low-level payphones are available throughout the terminal building. Toilets for them exist in several locations. If the need be, the airport authorities ensure that passenger pick-up and set-down points are located close to the front of the terminal so as to facilitate easy boarding. On exceptional grounds, lifts for disabled passengers are arranged to board planes. All sorts of assistance for the disabled are available on request as what matters most to the authorities of Blackpool airport is the passengers’ comfort.

Leaving from Blackpool airport - If you are planning to leave by a train, then the nearest station to the airport is Squires Gate station. This is just a five-minute walk away from the airport. Trains to Preston regularly leave after every hour from this station. In addition to all this, more regular trains leave for Preston from Blackpool north station. If you grab a taxi then you are just 10 minutes away from the airport. For those with a penchant to go by coach, you can use the National Express service. It offers direct services between Blackpool Airport and Birmingham as well as London. There are more direct services to Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds. The number 5 metro coastline bus operates between the airport and the town centre. Tram services are available from the Starr Gate tram stop. The trams actually take passengers along the walkway past Blackpool Pleasure Beach, then Central pier and the historic Blackpool Tower. There is also a taxi rank located immediately in front of the terminal building, outside arrivals. It can help you in times of emergency or if conventional traveling is just too boring for you.

- As far as an essential like currency exchange is concerned, you can use any of the two exchanges located for both arriving and departing travelers. One is situated just opposite check-in and the other is the International baggage reclaim area. The information desk on the main concourse can come up with appropriate venues if you want. In addition to all if you want mobile phone top-up cards, the currency exchanges can help you in that matter as well.

Airlines operating from Blackpool Airport

  The major airlines operating from the terminal at Blackpool airport are British NorthWest Airlines, Jet2.com, Manx2, Monarch Airlines and Ryanair.

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