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Norbreck Castle
Blackpool airport hotels - Blackpool airport is located just outside Blackpool, the quaint seaside town in northwestern England. As much as people enjoy the town, the Blackpool airport has opened new doors to the thriving population and tourists who come to the city to enjoy its beautiful surroundings. The airport hotels come as a welcome addition to the other value-added packages available at the Blackpool airport. They provide a shelter, which can be extended from a few days to a total vacation amidst the natural musings of English nature. With quick transport systems, well-maintained rooms and traveler-friendly hotel amenities the Blackpool airport hotels provide convenience with affordability.

Why airport hotels - Blackpool is a small town growing with time. Make no mistake about it but the accommodation arrangements in the town may not be exactly world-class. The airport hotels, especially the Norbreck Castle Hotel, serve as a wonderful place to rest in before or after the all-important flight. The hotel gives an unmistakable feeling of relaxed ambience and the assurance of never missing a flight, and is worth the accommodation package offered. The flights at Blackpool airport are few but with a reservation at an airport hotel, transfer taxis make late night/early morning arrivals or departures easy. You are sure to get value for your money once you book you accommodation with the airport hotels.

About airport hotels - Norbreck Castle hotel serves quality food, great room service and pays for your transfers to the airport (by taxis). The hotel is perfect for families and couples who want to spend some quality time before embarking on a journey. The airport hotels have the unique selling point of a convenient location and this serves as an additional attraction point for tourists and visitors to the city.

Facilities at hotels - With a taxi transfer taking at the most 20 minutes, the airport hotels are an ultimate experience. The Norbreck Castle hotel for instance has tried making itself kid-friendly by introducing unbelievable entertainment for the kids including cinema. The Castles Restaurant inside the hotel offers a 4 course buffet menu with some of the sumptuous food that anyone has ever tasted. The hotel facilities include an indoor pool, relaxing sauna, sun parlor and steam room. A zippy spa, gym and aerobics studio make the hotel replete. The splash pool makes it worth the time after spending sometime in the Sun, perfect after a long flight.

Why these hotels - Budget accommodation, serene locales and closeness to the airport are some of the main features that attract visitors to Blackpool airport hotel every season.

Requirements - Full details of all hotels at Blackpool airport can be seen on the next page by using this airport hotel finder. Just enter your date of stay and specify your preferred accommodation type and we will give you the best available deals.

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